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Cost-effective ways towards energy efficiency and carbon reduction
in industrial manufacturing

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The ener.CON Europe offers you the unique opportunity to position your business in front of leading energy management experts and is designed to maximise your time with your target audience and new business prospects. From the thought-provoking plenary and business stream sessions to networking at the Icebreaker and World Café sessions, your company will be front and center. Do you have a solution or product and want to present, exhibit or meet active buyers?

Business Partners 2020

ISO Baseline Ltd is a software company specializing in the development of software systems to assist organisations in managing their energy consumption and efficiency. We are the developers of the market leading Baseline 50001 software for the ISO50001 standard.


About ENGIE Impact

ENGIE Impact was created to accelerate the sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments. People are demanding that businesses and public sector leaders do more to protect the planet. But while society is making strides toward a sustainable future, it isn’t happening fast enough. ENGIE Impact helps organizations embed sustainability into their operational strategies, allowing them to bridge the gap between sustainability commitments and realized results that capture economic value and make organizations more competitive over the long term.


ENGIE Impact applies data analytics, multi-disciplinary expertise and global reach to accelerate the sustainability transformation of organizations around the world. The process starts with tailored roadmaps to help organizations establish and achieve their sustainability goals. This guidance is grounded in reliable data and advanced analytics, creating a holistic view across resources: energy, water, waste and carbon. From strategy to implementation, actionable solutions help clients improve their bottom line, drive growth, satisfy stakeholders and extend resources.

Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the fields of industry, energy and healthcare as well as providing infrastructure solutions, primarily for cities and metropolitan areas. For over 160 years, Siemens has stood for technological excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality. The company is the world’s largest provider of environmental technologies. Around 40 percent of its total revenue stems from green products and solutions. In fiscal 2011, which ended on September 30, 2011, revenue from continuing operations totaled €73.5 billion and income from continuing operations €7.0 billion. At the end of September 2011, Siemens had around 360,000 employees worldwide on the basis of continuing operations. Further information is available on the Internet at: www.siemens.com



Nedap, technology for life

High-tech company Nedap creates high-quality, innovative hardware and software products that enable people to be more productive and successful in their professional lives. Nedap has a workforce of over 680 employees and operates on a global scale. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. Its headquarters is located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

Connected lighting

Luxon is a connected light management platform to manage your lighting online and accelerate savings. Lights are wirelessly controlled and only switched on where and when needed. In addition, the Luxon platform provides clear insights in performance and usage, allowing for future optimizations and proactive maintenance. With the help of different dashboards, Nedap enables users to manage lighting within all their business locations online using one system. Luxon is luminaire brand independent and easy to combine with all luminaires of choice.

Luxon’s platform architecture is a perfect fit for Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) models, in which the end-user gets access to the most energy-efficient lighting without the need to invest. Core functionalities, such as automated maintenance alerts and remote accessibility enable LaaS providers to deliver a true service, whereas real-time energy metering supports transparency in performance.


Willbee Energy GmbH was established as a part of DB Energy Group an leader in energy efficiency services for industry and is based in Magdeburg. We support the entire process of improving energy efficiency in large and medium industry in Europe, achieving real reduction of energy consumption for our customers. Our activities lead to a significant reduction of energy usage and costs while maintaining production indicators at an unchanged level and the quality and reliability of power supply. The Group has so far performed nearly 1000 energy efficiency analyzes, including detailed projects in the field of energy savings modeling in industrial installations. Up to date we introduced energy efficiency modernizations with a total cost of over EUR 750 million, which contributed to reducing energy consumption by at least 5.1 TWh, translating into average annual savings of over EUR 220 million



VPInstruments was founded over 20 years ago, to offer industrial customers easy insight into energy flows. We believe that industrial energy monitoring should be easy and effortless to enable insight, savings and optimisation. VPInstruments products are recommended by leading energy professionals worldwide and offer the most complete measurement solution for compressed air flow, gas flow and electric energy consumption. Together we can make a difference by saving significantly on production costs at your organization. At the same time we will make our planet a better and healthier place to live. Measure, discover and save! We feel responsible for the quality of our products and the level of service we provide to our customers. We also care about the environment, leading to creating products that last and make a contribution towards energy savings. Our VPFlowScope 3-in-1 flow meters and VPVision monitoring tool give insight in compressed air systems and help you find energy losses. Compressed air is a very expensive energy source. In fact it can be about 20 times more expensive than electricity. In many cases, compressed air is wasted due to leakage, non-optimal compressor configurations or misuse. Our products can help you improve and optimize your compressed air system. Your return on investment is a matter of months. Take a look at our savings success stories and read how our products helped other companies to save large amounts of money year after year. Our products can be found all over the world. We serve all industrial markets; for example automotive, glass manufacturing, metal processing, food and beverage and consumer goods. We can help your industry too. Let us help you to open your eyes and start saving energy.



AB is the World’s Foremost Authority Specialized in Cogeneration Plants.

Since 1981, AB has been at the side of companies seeking to improve their own competitiveness, saving energy and limiting environmental emissions. We create a relationship with our customers and partners based on frankness and trust: we produce, install and manage the plants as if they were ours. Over 30 years of work, we have developed a know-how and a production capacity without equal on a world-wide level, which ensure the excellence of the plants, the maximum quality of both the installation and after-sales service.

Because AB is the only manufacturer, with an industrial process able to internally manage the entire production cycle of the cogeneration plant.

AB pursues the highest degree of innovation with determination, gathering knowledge, experience and technologies, in order to respond with advanced solutions to a primary need of mankind: energy. Contributing to the creation of a better future in the direction of an eco-sustainable system.

The principal production and engineering research activities are concentrated in a modern industrial hub with its head offices in Orzinuovi (BS) Italy, spread over about 40,000 mq of connected buildings, where the production facility, engineering offices, service centre and management are located.



Luxon LED is a company which provides savings in scope of energy consumption. We produce efficient and ecological lighting solutions. The main benefits of our solutions are the following:

  •  energy savings
  •  fast return on investment – below 2 years (with financing)
  • healthy working conditions,
  • reduction of carbon dioxide
  • installation of lighting and control system.

Our offer focuses mainly on industry – logistic segment.

Social proof (movie): https://luxonled.eu/modernization-of-the-lighting-system-with-an-intelligent-control-system-for-theysohn-formenbau-gmbh/


EDF Distributed Solutions is a subsidiary of the EDF Renewables Group. As one of the leading companies in the sector, EDF Renewables is active in more than 20 countries. The currently 28 GW installed capacity of renewable energy is planned to be increased by 2030 to 50 GW. In Germany we offer with EDF Distributed Solutions customized energy storage solutions for C&I companies.

We believe in the success of the German Energiewende and in battery storage as the fourth pillar of energy supply. We can draw on more than 10 years of experience in the field of battery storage – with more than 100 MW of batteries installed worldwide. We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of installing an additional 10 GW of storage by 2035 with the plan to invest EUR 8 billion.




…in it for you – and why partner the ener.CON Europe 2020?

Partnering at ener.CON Europe

is connecting you to the right people in a space designed to optimize your relationship-building and deal-making. Sponsorship gives you access to the most important community of energy, efficiency, emission reduction, renewable energy and plant management through:

Multi-Touchpoint Networking

Meet 120+ global energy managers, heads of energy efficiency and CO2 coordinators, engineers and plant managers responsible for energy management and efficiency from asset intensive industries and leading market players at your booth, at sessions, roundtables, in workshops and more.

Networking & Managed One2Ones

Talk to the people you’re there to meet in more than 30 hours of networking. Host your own private breakfasts & lunches, One2One meetings, cocktail parties… Your prospects will get back to the office with your brand on their minds!


Have your brand featured on the main agenda, in our unique event app, in emails, on our website, and throughout the event floor space. Benefit from the ultimate social selling – share an experience with your customers. Showcase your brand in innovative ways via website, live channels and conference app throughout the full 12-month cycle, as well as having a physical presence onsite.


Showcase your solutions and run product demos to drive demand amongst your target market. Benefit from our dedicated and extensive marketing campaign to assemble the global and loyal energy efficiency community from asset intensive industry.


Promote your business as a thought leader in energy management and efficiency and launch your new product or business solution saving resources and energy at the event.


Get your product in front of the right buyers – senior level executives and leading professionals aiming to solve the most pressing challenges and solutions, technologies, trends and best practice innovations in the field of energy management. Take the chance to create invaluable networking opportunities, providing a social and enjoyable environment to meet with all conference attendees and speakers. Drive sales leads pre, during and post event.

Very good conference with a lot of interaction between participants.
Zdravko Andonov
Johnson Matthey
Diverse programme, reflecting the needs and interests of energy professionals.
Adam Pawelas
I found the conference very informative and well organised. The venue, staff and agenda were all very good in my experience.
Ciaran Carlin
Alkermes Pharmaceutical
The only forum of this kind.
Christophe Crouzet
Good presentations with key information. Great networking experience.
Jörn Bruchmüller
Glatfelter Falkenhagen GmbH
Energy sustainability is the way of working for all, although there will be various ways to get there.
Tomasz Slezak
PepsiCo Europe


We understand that the key reasons to attend a conference are to network, learn from our peers and make valuable business contacts. To facilitate this, we have created a range of bespoke packages managed through our dedicated concierge team, allowing you to maximize your time on site, meet the people you need to and create lasting value-adding business connections. These include:

HUBS Matchfinder! Powered by AI

HUBS is we.CONECT’s unique Event App & Matchfinder – Use our unique matching platform to make new connections, arrange meetings and find tailored solutions to your needs.

search. find. match. network.

Meet! ener.CON Europe

Discover who else is participating at the 9th ener.CON Europe. Our unique Polaroid Picture Wall will help you identify who you want to meet at the conference.

Thought provoking...

…hosted Icebreakers, World Café Roundtables and various other workshops – 2 ½ days full with interaction uncover project details from other motivated delegates themed by Expertise.

Onsite Meeting Service...

…to make sure that your scheduled meetings will happen.

Say Hello

Get the show on the road. Discover who is joining the conference and why. To warm you up for the conference we invite you to get to know your conference peers. Have your business cards ready.


Round tables on the evening before the first conference day. The Icebreaker is a first informal networking.

Networking Dinner

Wind down, enjoy great food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere to absorb all the new stimulations from the day.

Supporting Association

MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International is a global community of manufacturers, producers, industry leaders and solution providers who are focused on improving Operations Management capabilities through the effective application of technology solutions and best practices.
We accomplish this through the following:

  • Collect, share and publish best practices and guidance to drive greater productivity and the overall profitability of the manufacturing enterprise
  • Education of manufacturing operations best practices through the MESA Global Education Progra
  • Facilitate innovation and collaboration to enable the real-time enterprise and Plant to Enterprise (P2E) integration
  • Enable members to connect, contribute, cultivate understanding, and exchange strategies to drive operations excellence

Primary Media Partner

Industry of Things Voice is all about Disruptive Technologies, Internet of Things, IT, IoT, Cyber Security, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. We gather the latest information, case studies, innovation studies, videos, surveys and exclusive interviews on these topics shaping the future and give most important opportunities & challenges their deserved space online.



Media Partners

The OSGP Alliance is the global non-profit association dedicated to promoting the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and infrastructure for smart grid applications towards a future proof modern smart grid. With a key focus on security, smart metering, smart grid, grid analytics, distribution network management and smart cities our members, including utilities, hardware manufacturers, service providers and system integrators, all share a common goal and vision: promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid and smart metering systems.

For more information, have a look at http://www.osgp.org/en


IoT Now – How to run an IoT enabled business.

With exclusive analyst reports and specialist journalists, IoT Now is the leading global brand covering the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communications (M2M), embedded devices and connected consumer devices. Delivering webcasts, quarterly magazines, white-papers, daily news and expert opinion pieces, IoT Now focuses on the deployment of these technologies across the enterprise, automotive, logistics, healthcare, utilities, travel, security and smart city verticals.

To join our community, register at: www.iot-now.com 
For more information, contact: Cherisse Jameson: c.jameson@wkm-global.com


AltEnergyMag.com is an Online Trade Magazine full of News, Articles and Interviews covering the trends and breakthroughs in the Alternative Energy Industry, with an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization. Since 2002 our philosophy has been to create an outlet where the industry can collaborate and report on itself. We offer those of you who work or have a passion for the Alternative Energy to contribute articles, news and product information for your peers to read and discover.


Shorter product life cycles, increasing variety, dynamic markets and intensified competition characterize the environment of manufacturing companies today. But not only the large companies are faced with these new challenges. SMEs as well are forced to improve their production methods, making them more efficient and economical. Used properly, the methods and IT tools for the production area provide a significant contribution to efficient, cost-effective and thus competitive production. The magazine focuses on fundamentals, methods, technology trends, IT solutions, and practical examples from the field of digital process chain and production. Digital Manufacturing conveys the notion that productivity gains can be achieved by using efficient IT solutions in production, and as a result presents the solutions that are available, and the vendors present in the market. The journey is its own reward, and therefore the Digital Manufacturing looks at innovative, future oriented subjects like Industry 4.0 and Green Production.



The topic of digital engineering is to all all engineers active in development of and/or responsible for the practical implementation of innovative products, processes and production methods. Because competitive pressures are going to continue to increase, companies need to effectively connect all applications in the entire value chain. As one of the leading journals in the construction and engineering sector,  DIGITAL ENGINEERING Magazin provides a high utility value to designers, engineers and decision-makers. The solutions and examples presented here help them to develop better and more cost-effective products and processes.



gwf Gas + Energie is the leading technical and scientific b2b-journal for all aspects of recovery, production, distribution and use of natural gas, gas in general and aspects of green gas in combination with the energy sector in Germany. gwf Gas + Energie informs about the gas industry, the gas supply, transportation, storage and trade, the gas market and its regulations, the pipeline engineering, repair and prevention, the measurement, controlling and regulation, smart metering, smart grid, smart energy, power-to-gas, gas quality, biogas production, preparation and feed-in as well as new technologies.



As the only media brand on the German market our trade journal IT&Production informs exclusively and comprehensively about every aspect of the industrial IT – and we have done so for already 17 years. Decision makers, managers of production-related departments and IT Managers of every sector can find information about investment decisions and innovative technology in our range of services. In the Industrie 4.0 era that we are living in you need the right software, hardware and efficient processes for sustainable success on the global market – so our content is more in demand than ever. As a medial companion of the industrial digital transformation, we work closely together with central stakeholders to offer our readers useful information for their operational practice. The spectrum of our topics ranges from the management level over research and development to manufacturing, automation and services.



Powerinfotoday.com is a leading B2B arena designed to showcase the latest developments, views and trends of the power generation sector through a print magazine & online platform. Knitting the business and knowledge together, we showcase content coming from the industry experts and intellectuals and keep the latest technologies and information fairly accessible to all the corners of the industry.

We have the ability to adjust to our clients regarding their marketing standards and timelines, along with methods that allow them to target properly, based on the selected audience and geography.




…are our sponsors & exhibitors?

Our Business Partner are carefully selected to make sure that our attendees meet the right people. ener.CON Europe exhibition is covering following areas in 2020:

  • Energy Monitoring & Efficiency Solutions
  • Consulting on International Energy Frameworks and Certifications
  • Efficiency as a Service
  • Funding of Energy Efficiency & Green Financing
  • Carbon Management Services
  • Blockchain & Smart Contract Technology
  • Connected Energy & Lighting Services
  • Energy Procurement and Energy Storage
  • Cost & Risk Prediction and Resilience

Investments in energy management for asset intensive industry show continuous growth and require an event platform to bring its key contributors and influencers together in the one space.

Driven by generating genuine business connections, ener.CON Europe is committed to showcasing your products, ideas and innovations and ensuring they are shared with the right customers in a new and exciting way.

What are the
10 reasons to
partner with
ener.CON Europe?


an active part of the energy management scene and become part of the loyal ener.CON Europe community

Find out

end users challenges based on new regulatory (e.g. Paris Agreement and the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework).


your tools and methods for data harvesting and data analytics to energy decision makers.


a thought leader for opportunities and functionalities behind Blockchain and smart contract technologies.


your opinion on how much value lies in energy flexibility and demand response initiatives.


a leading partner for application models of learning algorithms, neural networks and sensors – Show your AI.


chances that lie in renewable grids and teach how to adapt businesses to this new operating model.


into Industry 4.0, AI, and self-adjusting systems as the new minimum benchmark for energy excellence.


solutions for planning in volatile markets, predicting cost and risk in complex structures.


your audience for identifying, implementing and sustaining energy saving measures.

we understand clients – we go deeper – we transform the experience
See you in Berlin in March!

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