ener.CON Europe Award 2020

Haven’t you always wanted to get honoured for your work?

On March 16, 2020 the ener.CON Europe Community will once again gather to recognize, honor and celebrate best practice achievements of energy efficiency with the ener.CON Europe Award.

Now it’s time you get awarded!

Application Deadline: January 31, 2020

We are pleased to announce the winners of the ener.Con Europe Awards 2019:

Winner of the ener.CON Europe Award 2019 in the category ‘Outstanding Energy Management were Mr. Ulf Gehrckens and Mr. Christian Hein from Aurubis AG with their project “Industrial Heat: A Climate Alliance of Aurubis and Electricity.”

Two great projects came in on second place with a tie:

Borealis AG, represented by Mr. Wolfgang Haider, with their project: “Successful Borealis EU-wide implementation of ISO 50001 energy Management System.”

Erdemir Iron & Steel Works, represented by Mr. Taner Ozdemir, with the project; “Erdemir Power Plant Optimisation Project.’

For the very first time, the ener.CON Europe Award also recognized outstanding projects in the special category “Energy of the Future.” Winner was Evgeny Variagin with Solar Chernobyl LLC’s project “Solar Chernobyl.”

The ener.Con Europe Award 2019 winners received a trophy and a certificate commending their successful projects, proving their excellence and we.CONECT also donated 1,000€ on behalf of the winners to a charity project. This year’s chosen charity project was Tierschutz Berlin and we are honoured to welcome Beate Kaminski Petra Schomburg to the event who presented the charity and shared a few insights into their honourable day to day work.

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ener.CON Europe Award 2020

In the framework of the 9th ener.CON Europe conference, we.CONECT will once again bestow awards to recognize, honor and celebrate outstanding projects and achievements in energy efficiency. The ceremony will take place on March 16, 2020.

Tell us what makes your project special and stand out from the rest, submit your application and get nominated. Don’t miss out on the
chance to promote your success story and receive the recognition that you and your team deserves.

We invite all industry end-users to apply for the ener.CON Europe Award 2020. Solution providers and consultants are not admitted for application. However, they are welcome to encourage their customers/client companies to apply or suggest possible candidates.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get rewarded for your hard work and showcase your remarkable project achievements
  • Gain recognition for your entire team
  • Boost your project: we will spread the word and report on your achievements
  • Foster enthusiasm and prestige of your efforts among your colleagues, employees, management and team members
  • Meet your peers at the conference and benchmark your projects
  • Help a good cause as we.CONECT will be donating € 1,000 to a charity on behalf of the winners


Evaluation Criteria

The following aspects will be considered:

  • INNOVATION – How innovative or unique is the approach?
  • SIMPLICITY – How easy is the project to realize?
  • ACHIEVEMENT – What has been achieved in terms of energy savings?
  • MATURITY – Is the approach ready to use?
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – What is the balance of development costs and savings?
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Is it a long-term project?
  • REPUTATION – Is the project part of a social responsibility strategy?

Hall of Fame 2019

Another year, another successful award ceremony. We received many putstanding applications but only three were selected to win prestigious ener.CON Europe Award 2019.  By means of a live voting, our ener.CON Europe conference community decided on the final ranking.

Also, for the very first time, the ener.CON Europe Award was also selecting outstanding projects in the special category “Energy of the Future”.

We’re very proud to announce the winners of the ener.CON Europe Award 2019:

1st Place: Aurubis AG

2nd: Borealis AG

2nd: Erdemir Iron & Steel Works

Special Category: Solar Chernobyl LLC

Winner of the ener.CON Europe Award 2019 in the category ‘Outstanding Energy Management’ were Mr. Christian Hein and Mr Ulf Gehrckens, Aurubis AG with project “Industrial Heat: A Climate Alliance of Aurubis and enercity’’.

As the results were even, the second place shared Mr Wolfgang Haider from Borealis AG and Mr Taner Ozdemir from Erdemir Iron & Steel Works and their teams with projects ”Successful Borealis EU-wide implementation of ISO 50001 Energy Management System’’ and ‘’Erdemir Power Plant Optimisation Project‘’ respectively.

In the special category “Energy of the Future”: Winner became Evgeny Variagin with Solar Chernobyl LLC’s project “Solar Chernobyl”.

The prize money of € 1,000 has been donated to the Tierschutz Berlin, a local Animal Shelter.

Hall of Fame 2018

We’ve received a wide range of thought provoking and inspiring projects related to energy and resource efficient production. It’s amazing to see all these great achievements from a variety of companies and teams respectively. However, only three applicants were invited to the final award ceremony to present their project achievements on stage and convince the audience. By means of a live voting, our ener.CON Europe conference community decided on the final ranking – and we’re very proud to announce the winners of the ener.CON Europe Award 2018:

1st Place: NV Bekaert SA

2nd: Robert Bosch GmbH

3rd: Amgen

The third price of the ener.CON Europe Award 2018 went to Amgen for their project Smart and Integrated Facilities as presented by Derek Mullins. The second place has been awarded to Bosch: Steffen Behnke was happy to receive the prize for the Green & Smart Factory Bosch Nuremberg. The winner of the evening was Bekaert: Geert Devooght proudly took the price for the project BMS Energy Waves. The prize money of € 1,000 has been donated to the Berliner Krebsgesellschaft, a local non-profit organisation with the primary goal of improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their relatives.

Hall of Fame 2017

On the occasion of the ener.CON Europe 2017, the leading networking conference on energy efficiency for asset intensive industries, we.CONECT has bestowed the renowned ener.CON Europe Award for the fourth time.

1st Place: SCA

2nd: BMW

3rd: Şişecam

Many interesting and inspiring projects have been submitted in the framework of the 4th ener.CON Europe Award. The jury – consisting of experts from Covestro, Siemens and Carlsberg – evaluated the submitted projects and nominated 3 finalists. Jury member Dr. Martin Kruska, Head Business Development Europe Sustainability & Energy Management at Siemens guided through the evening.

The third price went to Sisecam for the project Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery (Mersin/Turkey), presented by Gürhan Dural. The second place has been awarded to BMW: Dr. Christian Imgrund was happy to receive the prize for the project Energy Efficient Automotive Plant. The winner of the evening was SCA: Olli Härkönen proudly took the price for the project mesave – Material and Energy Savings and Efficiency. The prize money of € 1,000 has been donated to the DKMS, a global charity organization aiming to fight blood cancer.

Hall of Fame 2016

In 2016, in the framework of the ener.CON Europe conference, the following three companies and projects were awarded for their energy efficiency achievements:

1st Place: e.Luterbach

The winning projects main target was to design and build a state of the art powder coating plant that runs environmentally and cost optimized. With the help of PinCH software developed by the University of Applied Science Lucerne, an optimized heat recovery network and energy supply system was developed. As a result 270,000 kg CO2, 120,000 Euro and 30 % energy could be saved within a year. The award jury was convinced by the high innovation level and the amount of energy that was saved. Fabian Luccarini presented the project and thanked his whole team.

2nd: Voith

The energy and resource efficiency project from Torsten Kallweit and Dr. Tim Dreessen from Voith achieved annual savings of 6.5 million Euro. Voith was one of the first companies in the plant and mechanical engineering sector to establish an Ecological Business Management (EBM) to obtain an economic added value by considering the ecological aspects of energy and material. A group-wide standardized green controlling process with associated integrated tools was the key to success. Every year, a total of 52,704 MWh of energy, 737,078 m3 water and 1,907 metric tons of material have been saved. Torsten Kallweit and Dr. Tim Dreessen were happy to receive the prize.

3rd: Continental Automotive

The third price went to Continental Automotive for the project Green Plant Regensburg, presented by Dr. Benjamin Fuchs. The ISO 50001 certified plant is one of the most energy efficient plants within the Continental Automotive Group worldwide. Thanks to a 2013 built energy center, cooling and heating is recovered and the energy consumption was reduced. The use of new air compressors and vacuum pumps led to an efficient supply network. The lighting in the production was converted to LED. Within 5 years, the KPI ‘energy consumption per product’ showed an increase of energy efficiency of more than 30 percent. A team of 30 people from different departments is the driving force for energy projects.

Support of Charities

Aside from bringing industry colleagues together for business networking and exchanging knowledge on energy and resource efficiency, we are always striving to support a good cause. Throughout the years, we have carefully researched and selected charities that are close to our heart and deserve special recognition.

Charity Partner 2019: Tierschutz Berlin

On behalf of the award winners 2019, we.CONECT supported the non-profit animal organisation Tierschutz Berlin.

Office: Tierheim Berlin Hausvaterweg 39 13057 Berlin Germany
Homepage: www.tierschutz-berlin.de
Contact: info@tierschutz-berlin.de | +49 030 / 76 888 0
Donation account: IBAN: DE68 1002 0500 0001 0379 00  BIC: BFSWDE33BER

Charity Partner 2018: Berliner Krebsgesellschaft e.V.

On behalf of the award winners 2018, we.CONECT supported the Berlin Cancer Society e.V.

In Berlin alone, more than 17,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year and the numbers are rising. The number of long-term survivors has been increasing as well, but still, cancer remains a potentially life-threatening disease. The Berlin Cancer Society is there throughout the patient’s medical journey, we help them cope with their illness and improve their day-to-day quality of life. We offer free comprehensive consultation service to the patients which includes patient training courses, discussion groups, workshops and lectures on all aspects of the disease. We are dedicated to help patients live longer and better.

The Berlin Cancer Society is an independent non-profit association that finances its work exclusively from donations and legacies. We appreciate every donation which makes a big impact in the fight against cancer.

Office: Berliner Krebsgesellschaft e. V. | Robert-Koch-Platz 7, 10115 Berlin, Germany
Homepage: www.berliner-krebsgesellschaft.de
Contact: info@berliner-krebsgesellschaft.de | +49 (030)283 24 00
Donation account: IBAN DE25 1002 0500 0001 2383 00

Charity Partner 2017: DKMS

On behalf of the award winners 2017, we.CONECT supported DKMS.

DKMS is a not for profit organization and was founded on May 28, 1991, by a private initiative and due to the blood cancer patient Mechtild Harf. With more than 7.1 million registered stem cell donors and international locations like Germany, the USA, Poland, Spain, and the UK, the DKMS family is the largest association of stem cell donor centers worldwide. At the present time, at least 18 DKMS members donate stem cells for blood cancer patients around the world each and every day.

Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in Germany. Whether children or adults – no one is safe from this disease but with the donation of stem cells, we may be able to defeat blood cancer. For a transplant of stem cells to be successful, the patient’s and donor’s tissue characteristics need to be an almost exact match – which is a challenge, since the probability of finding a perfect match lies anywhere between 1 in 20,000 and 1 in several millions. Therefore we need to get as many people as possible registered, to increase the chances of finding a matching donor for every blood cancer patient.

In principle, anyone between 17 and 55 years of age can be registered as a potential stem cell donor. The most important thing is that you are physically fit, do not suffer from any chronic diseases, and you don’t belong to any risk groups. Your tissue characteristics are determined by just using a simple swab from the inside of your cheek or by a blood sample. After providing DKMS with your swabs or blood samples and your signed consent form, you can be a part of the DKMS family – and get the opportunity to give a blood cancer patient a second chance at life. Individuals as well as entire families, companies, associations, and many celebrities have joined us in serving a good cause – with more and more signing up each and every day.

Charity Partner 2016: Kiron

On behalf of the award winners 2016, we.CONECT supported Kiron.

Kiron Open Higher Education is a non-profit organization whose mission is to remove the barriers for displaced people to access higher education. The goal
is to empower people to integrate not only on an economic level into the labour market, but also on a social level into society. The students complete the first two years online and the third year at one of the partner universities, where they obtain an accredited university degree.

Charity Partner 2015: HELP

On behalf of the award winners 2015, we.CONECT supported HELP.

Help- Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. to help refugees in northern Iraq. As a globally operating aid organization, Help supports people in need and provides fast and non bureaucratic assistance, independent of origin, religion or ideology since 1981. The project work is focused on the emergency and disaster relief, as well as long-term development aid and reconstruction projects.

Charity Partner 2014: TSURO

On behalf of the award winners 2014, we.CONECT supported TSURO.

The prize was donated to TSURO, an initiative supported by Weltfriedensdienst to help the local communities of Chimanimani, Zimbabwe, develop sustainable agricultural behaviors. The farmer organization and its 5000 members aim at assisting the country, which suffers from food scarcity as well as overexploitation of natural resources, such as water and soil.

Terms and Conditions

  • All the details must be submitted in English only.
  • The project has to be about energy and/or resource efficiency.
  • The implementation of the project should not date back more than 2 years.
  • Only projects that have been implemented will be considered.
  • A company may nominate more than one initiative/project for the award.
  • Solution providers and consultants are not admitted for application. However, they may encourage their customers/client companies to apply or suggest possible candidates.
  • Only those nominations providing complete information requested on the nomination form will be considered for the award.
  • Please make sure that you are 1) allowed and 2) willing to share your achievements with your peers (and with the conference community) to receive the recognition you deserve.
  • Besides being used for evaluating for the award, all information provided in the nomination form may be published on an open platform (website/portal/social media) by we.CONECT. By submitting your application, you give complete rights to we.CONECT to publish the work with your name and company name in place. It is hence advisable to ensure that your submission has the necessary approval within your organization.
  • The award jury will evaluate the suitability of all applications based on the documents submitted.
  • Decisions of the award jury are final and may not be disputed. The award jury will adhere to our award guidelines.
  • An award application does not necessarily require an event ticket for the entire ener.CON Europe conference. If you’d like to take part only in the award ceremony (including the networking dinner), you can get a special ticket for € 395.
  • No applications for the ener.CON Europe Award 2020 will be considered after the communicated deadline.
  • By submitting the application, you agree to these terms & conditions.

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